A guide to the cards and support materials

Each guidance sheet has a copy of the statement relevant to the topic. Each topic is colour coded for ease of cross-referencing and tracking.

Management is committed to healthy lifestyles and actively promotes the health and wellbeing of staff pupils and parents.


To achieve accreditation you should attempt to complete the criteria listed under each statement. For example:

Attention has been given to the development of a common understanding of Health (using the shared vision and common goal in Health and Wellbeing for All)      
Opportunities are provided and space given to promote this shared understanding.      
It is acknowledged that aspects of health and wellbeing are the responsibility of all      
Opportunities are provided to enable staff, pupils and families to examine their attitudes and assumptions about health      
Individuals are well informed about health issues, empowered to take control and develop an increasing responsibility for their own health by making positive choices      
CPD opportunities for staff are identified and planned in accordance with Health Promotion and Health legislation and improvement agenda      

Possible Sources of Evidence

It is recommended that all staff are provided with a means of keeping evidence linked to the specific yearly targets.

The following will provide evidence of the impact of the SIP and HPS:

  • Minutes of Parent Council, Pupil Council meetings
  • Minutes of staff meetings and Staff Welfare Group Meetings
  • Evidence from Continued Professional Development process
  • Surveys, focus groups, general feedback
  • Outcomes for children (posters, presentations etc)

Suggestions for Improvement

  • Review of Pupil Council impact
  • Establish Staff Welfare Group
  • Continued development of partnership working
  • Involvement of parents/carers
  • Community workshops
  • Staff Development – focused on statutory duties

Quality Indicators

The indicators have been added to support linkages with HGIOS3 and Child at the Centre 2. In line with current thinking these have been linked to Vision and Leadership, Outcomes and Impact and Processes. The Key Focus QI appears in bold. Supporting QIs are grouped to align with the recommendations in ‘Improving Outcomes for Learners through Self Evaluation’. HMIE (2008).

Quality Indicator

Outcomes and Impact Processes Leadership
9.1 2.1, 3.1 5.1, 5.2, 5.7, 5.8, 7.1

Care Standard 14

Curriculum Links

The core capacities of Curriculum for Excellence and the underpinning principles form the foundation of high quality Learning and Teaching. Learners who are engaged and active participants in their learning will achieve the shared vision and goals which underpin Health and Wellbeing for All.

Making these links is crucial in the development of Health Promoting Schools and these should be acknowledged in the audit process.

The Four Capacities
Confident Individuals Successful Learners Effective Contributors Responsible Citizens
The Seven Principles

Challenge and Enjoyment





Personalisation and Choice
Vision and Goals of Health and Wellbeing for All








Cross Reference

Where there are related cards these have been referenced.

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