Step by Step Health Promoting School (HPS) Accreditation

Step 1: Registration form with named health coordinator to be sent directly to HPS team.

Step 2: Work through and submit phase 1 – core criteria. Send directly to the HPS team for ratification. An additional electronic copy of the School Health Profile is to be sent to the relevant Community Health Partnership (CHP), Health Improvement Team.

Step 3: Select phase 2 cards (using info collected from whole school self evaluation).

Step 4: Collect evidence for all six cards/develop areas of improvement and present 6 summary reports to the cluster group who will ratify and sign each report.

Step 5: Send a copy of the 6 signed reports along with the next 6 cards for development to the HPS team. The reports will be counter signed and the next 6 cards logged in HPS database. 

Step 6: The HPS team will register your accreditation and generate a certificate and logo.

The HPS team will carry out a moderation exercise visiting a number of accredited schools to ensure rigor in this process.