In May 2006, The Fife Health Promoting School Accreditation Scheme was awarded a national endorsement from the National Endorsement Team. The team, which included representatives from The Scottish Health Promoting Schools Unit, The Scottish Executive, HMIe, SEED, Health Scotland, COSLA and practitioners from the NHS and the Local Authority made the following comment of the scheme:

‘It is considered to be a robust, well structured scheme with evidence of close partnership working between health and education, good leadership and strong quality assurance procedures in place. The procedures for schools to work through are comprehensive and supportive while good practical examples and guidance are provided to schools.

The Scheme fits into the wider areas of partnership working and the ethos of health promoting schools is a high value in this approach. Including an element of choice through the card approach allows schools to identify their own priorities and relate to the demographic differences in their catchment areas. The quality assurance procedures in place should encourage schools to move to more challenging issues once initial priorities are achieved.’

A further audit in January 2009 against capacities and principles of the Curriculum for Excellence and the Health and Wellbeing Framework further confirmed the robustness of the model. The card game (self evaluation) and guidance were revised to reflect the new legislation and guidance thus ensuring articulation between Health Promoting Schools and Curriculum for Excellence Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes. This version becomes “Phase 3 and beyond.” 

The framework is designed for smooth transition through the phases in partnership with voluntary and statutory services.