Phase 2 Submission Report: Guidance Notes

You must complete the appropriate report sheet for each of your 6 cards you wish to submit.

For your convenience, there is an individual report pro-forma for each card. There is also a sample report to clarify how the report should be completed.

The statement is broken down into criteria. For each criteria please detail the evidence you have available within the school to prove that you have fulfilled the requirements of the particular aspect of health promotion.

Some of this evidence, you may have generated in order to complete the card. Other forms of evidence will exist in the school already and simply need to be referenced.

Don’t assume that the cards with less criteria involve less work. In many cases the opposite is true.

Some sources of evidence will be repeated on different cards, this is to be expected.

Evidence comes in many different forms and formats. Some is tangible/ measurable and can be found on paper in the form of reports, statistics, plans, photos etc. This is referred to as ‘hard evidence’. There are many aspects of a school that may not be measured and quantified, for example the positive feeling within in a school and a sense of harmony. This evidence is referred to as soft evidence’ and is equally as valid. You many reference both forms of evidence in your submission.

Please do not submit the evidence itself. Instead, please indicate exactly where the evidence can be found within the school.

The Cluster Group can be used as a panel for schools to present their evidence supporting their chosen 6 cards. The accreditation is agreed by the cluster and the cluster rep for HPS should send HPS team the signed off cards for the certificates and logos to be distributed.


Phase 2: Submission Portfolio